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Indian ethnic wear is often characterized with a style and grace that cannot be matched with other similar type of women's wear. Talking about Indian ethnic wear it will include many fascinating designs and styles eg. designer sarees & salwar suits, gowns, kurthis, normal sarees and salwar suits. 

Even though sarees can be seen as the most graceful in indian ethnic wears, draping them are seen as difficult chore for most women and therefore designer salwar suits are the next best choice for every women.

Orange Boutique's approach to designing and style is very unique as it can be seen how the brand is able to give distinctive touch to the basic salwar suits. You can explore a wide variety of ladies salwar suits at Oranges Boutique, the best salwar boutique in Kochi.

Picking up the right Salwar Suit for you Oranges Boutique cares about the way you portray yourself. That is the reason we put in a lot of work to provide you with the best of salwar suit designs. 

The diversity of collection in the field of salwar suits makes sure that two people shopping from Oranges Boutique will not be wearing the same salwar suit design.  Out of the different designs that we provide, you can choose the following considering

The colour: We have a huge variety of different colour salwar suits. We have pink, red,blue, orange, black, white, purple, lime all the colours that you have longed to wear. Choose the colour that best suit your skin tone. 

The fabric used: People are unique and as a result every one will have their own comfortable material which they wear from time to time. We use a variety of fabrics to suit your needs. We use cotton blend, crepe silver, khadi, linen and others. We will provide you with the material that you are comfortable with.

The Kurta work: We make sure that our works are tailored according to your requirements whether it may be printed, plain, embelished, embroidered or any other type of work in India. We have specialized on it.

Your Body shape: No matter what your body shape is may it be pear, apple, inverted triangle and so on, we have got the best fitting salwar suit for you for your appropriate shape.

As a result when choosing the type of salwar suit make sure you choose that salwar that brings out the beauty for your appropriate shape.

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