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A saree can be seen as the epitome of ethnic fashion. If you want to look elegant or better yet feel elegant, designer sarees will make you do just that. Sarees are a work of art that represents the traditional style that has been brought down by generations. With the latest technologies and innovations, it is possible for fashionable weavers to fabricate the latest designs and style while keeping the age-old traditions. 

Oranges Boutique, leading saree boutique in Kochi takes great pleasure in showcasing our unique collection of widest and latest collection of normal and designer sarees. As the culture of sarees evolves with the passing of time, we make sure to keep up with the latest trends by updating our collection of designer and normal sarees.  Which saree is comfortable to wear If you are looking to wear a comfortable saree for the first time, it is advisable that you go with georgette or crepe because they are comfortable and light in weight. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear sarees on a daily basis, then you should definitely go for handloom or cotton sarees.  

They can be worn either at your workplace or your home. No matter what the climate condition is, a saree is suitable for any weather and every occasion, whether it may be formal or informal.

Sarees for different body types: One thing you have to keep in mind while selecting the saree is that the fabric of the saree must be selected according to your body type. 

There are different combination and types of fabrics like semi silk fabric, linen jute, crepe, tussar, chanderi silk, cora silk and many more. If you have an amazing shape to your body then any kind of fabric will suit you easily. if you have love handles make sure that you do not choose any fabric that is stiff. Stiff fabrics can make you chubbier. Crepe or georgette fabrics are more suitable for pear-shaped women while short women should go for a small border and no vertical lines or heavy borders.

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