The best fashion boutique in Kochi in terms of style and variety

Fashions fade whereas style is eternal. Oranges boutique offers to its customers a wide range of handpicked collection of sarees, kurtis, salwar and party wear tailored for every woman's unique sense of style.  One of the most reputed women's online clothing stores in Kochi is carefully curated to provide customers with quality fashion wear.

As we are a major designer boutique in Cochin we make sure that our latest collection of women's clothing is available to our customers and help in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.  While looking at your wardrobe, she should be awe-struck and Oranges Boutique makes sure to provide you with that amazing feeling. As one of the best boutique in Cochin, it is our responsibility to make every purchase of customers a positive experience.

Customers are our main priority and therefore we provide the best customer service, straight forward ordering of products in our website, quick delivery of the products and hassle-free return policy in case of any damage.  We make sure that we move forward positively with every feedback that you provide and provide the best online shopping experience.

If you are a first time visitor or an existing customer of ours, we hope that you will be excited with every aspect of Oranges Boutique - leading saree and salwar boutique in Cochin.

Ladies Salwar Suits

Indian ethnic wear is often characterized with a style and grace that cannot be matched with other similar types of women's wear. Talking about Indian ethnic wear it will include many fascinating designs and styles eg. designer sarees & salwar suits, gowns, kurtis, normal sarees, and salwar suits. Even though sarees can be seen as the most graceful in Indian ethnic wears, draping them are seen as a difficult chore for most women and therefore designer salwar suits are the next best choice for every woman.

Orange Boutique's approach to designing and style is very unique as it can be seen how the brand is able to give a distinctive touch to the basic salwar suits. You can explore a wide variety of ladies salwar suits at Oranges Boutique, the best salwar boutique in Kochi.

Picking up the right Salwar Suit for you

Oranges Boutique cares about the way you portray yourself. That is the reason we put in a lot of work to provide you with the best of salwar suit designs. The diversity of collection in the field of salwar suits makes sure that two people shopping from Oranges Boutique will not be wearing the same salwar suit design.  Out of the different designs that we provide, you can choose the following considering

The colour: We have a huge variety of different colour salwar suits. We have pink, red, blue, orange, black, white, purple, lime all the colours that you have longed to wear. Choose the colour that best suits your skin tone.

The fabric used: People are unique and as a result, everyone will have their own comfortable material which they wear from time to time. We use a variety of fabrics to suit your needs. We use cotton blend, crepe silver, khadi, linen, and others. We will provide you with the material that you are comfortable with.

The Kurta work: We make sure that our works are tailored according to your requirements whether it may be printed, plain, embellished, embroidered or any other type of work in India. We have specialized on it.

Your Body shape: No matter what your body shape is may it be pear, apple, inverted triangle and so on, we have got the best fitting salwar suit for you for your appropriate shape. As a result, when choosing the type of salwar suit make sure you choose that salwar that brings out the beauty for your appropriate shape.

Designer Sarees For Women

A saree can be seen as the epitome of ethnic fashion. If you want to look elegant or better yet feel elegant, designer sarees will make you do just that. Sarees are a work of art that represents the traditional style that has been brought down by generations. With the latest technologies and innovations, it is possible for fashionable weavers to fabricate the latest designs and style while keeping the age-old traditions.

Oranges Boutique, leading saree boutique in Kochi takes great pleasure in showcasing our unique collection of widest and latest collection of normal and designer sarees. As the culture of sarees evolves with the passing of time, we make sure to keep up with the latest trends by updating our collection of designer and normal sarees. 

Which saree is comfortable to wear

If you are looking to wear a comfortable saree for the first time, it is advisable that you go with georgette or crepe because they are comfortable and light in weight. On the other hand if you prefer to wear sarees on a daily basis, then you should definitely go for handloom or cotton sarees.  They can be worn either at your workplace or your home. No matter what the climate condition is, a saree is suitable for any weather and every occasion, whether it may be formal or informal.

Sarees for different body types

One thing you have to keep in mind while selecting the saree is that the fabric of the saree must be selected according to your body type. There are different combination and types of fabrics like semi silk fabric, linen jute, crepe, tussar, chanderi silk, cora silk and many more. If you have an amazing shape to your body then any kind of fabric will suit you easily. if you have love handles make sure that you do not choose any fabric that is stiff. Stiff fabrics can make you chubbier. Crepe or georgette fabrics is more suitable for pear shaped women while short women should go for a small border and no vertical lines or heavy borders.

Oranges Boutique provides you with a range of sarees online at our website which is simple and every step from selecting a product to payment is user-friendly and is constantly updated with new designs. Oranges Boutique- best online boutique in Kochi, provides new offers and discounts with different products. Our website has simple payment options, cash on delivery with value-added services to make it the best online experience that you require.

Party Wear Kurthis For Women

Although most women prefer to wear sarees for various occasions may it be parties, work or even at home, there are those ethnic loving women who are very much pleased with the most classic ethnic wear - A kurti.

Kurti is easily loved by all and no matter if you are in your teen years or in your old age, a kurti can be sported for all ages and for every occasion and not to forget the comfortability of wearing a kurti cannot be matched with any other women's wear. Keeping up with latest trends in kurtis is one of our important goals and our latest collection of kurtis online caters to each and every trend which is happening in the world of Indian fashion.

With the many years of expertise in the field of fashion, we have been able to provide the customers with the latest trends in designer sarees, kurtis, cotton dresses, and gowns, designer salwar suits.  Our collection of kurtisinvolve designer kurtis, cotton kurtis, georgette kurtis and other fabrics that will best suit your style. Georgette and crepe fabrics are normally worn by ladies for the first time.  Whereas for comfortable wear most women prefer cotton kurtis due to tropical climate and ease of wear.

Party Wear Gowns For Women

For those women who need a blend of tradition and modernity, we also provide party wear Indian gowns that come in a wide variety of collection for all kinds of fancy occasions. Gowns being a bit different from our traditional wears have always had a special place in women's wardrobe and that is why we make sure that our gowns suit for all women regardless of their body type, size or skin complexion.

Oranges boutique, leading online women's clothing store in Kochi is the perfect one-stop solution for party wear gowns, evening gowns and so on.

Wide Collection Of Gowns Online

We specialize in providing gowns that are unmatched and unique with a vast collection of party wear gowns for yours to choose. It is every woman's wish to look like a princess at some point in their life. We will help in fulfilling that wish by providing you gowns that will make you feel special and magical. We make sure that our Indian tradition is instilled on our gowns with a blend of modern touch to it.

Our gowns are special as in the fabric that we use to make it, may it be the perfect fitting and shape that we provide, or the blend of colours that are used to make you feel unique. This is what makes Oranges Boutique stand out from the crowd and this is what we specialize to make sure that you have the best online shopping experience.